Thursday, September 17, 2009

C-Street fun with Tim Curran!

Just got back from a fun morning surf at C-Street which is the point break here in Ventura. I got out there early enough before the crowd and the wind and got some good waves. I had my first pro spotting! Tim Curran paddled out about an hour after I got there and he was ripping for sure! I managed to get some good shots of him surfing and made a little video from it, enjoy!


As you can see the surf was fun! I'm hoping to go see the final of the Hurley contest at Trestles which will probably happen tomorrow. I was at Bestbuy yesterday looking at camcorders since I sold mine to Jay. I'm considering getting one before I go to Trestles, though I think the picture video turned out well! Let me know what you think! Leave a comment!


  1. When you move out there how bout let me list your Doniaville and Baylor. With the commissions I can afford to come visit. It looks awesome out there although Curran didnt look much better than minivan slater from the old surfshop days.

  2. why in the hell does it say lowcountyr life still, geez I thought I fixed that. I should have named my attempted blog LaWhadd so people would know it was me

  3. pretty sweet pics bro, needs some musical accompaniment looks like you're still having fun, keep rockin it. What are you talkin about lowcountry life? minivan slater would rip Curran a new one

  4. there is tunes bro! turn up your speaks!

  5. Hope you made it to the competitions. Send photos. keep posting, Mom

  6. Jay is loving the video recorder! It could be a dangerous thing to have that around. Hope you are having fun! See you in a few weeks.