Saturday, January 23, 2010

Chocolate milk barrels!

Yesterday during a brief break in the wind and rain I happened to be driving along the Pacific Coast Highway North towards Santa Barbara. Along a stretch of beach break that normally closes out over head high. A perfect mix of swell, tide, and offshore wind came together and for about an hour and produced some seriously hollow pits. Right after I pulled over and got the camera out, a big ole' truck pulled up and out jumped Keith Malloy. Enjoy!!!


  1. Those waves look tasty.. Let me know where you are (or are going) in mid-March. A surf trip is in order. Cold water/Wet suit, not out of the questions but certainly not preferred.

  2. Ike and I are planing on going to Barbados for March 6-14th. Holler if you want to come, should be fun!