Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Trips with Friends and friends from trips in black and white.

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Any trips involves traveling, here is yours truly, waitin' on a plane.
Sleeping during the heat of the day in Hong Kong.

My most lengthy "trip" was on this boat, the Elizabeth Turecamo. Capt. Jay Youngblood and Chief Engineer Will Gaillard discuss the dry docking progress.

This is my Mom's favorite picture that I've taken. This little girl is playing in the rocks at low tide.
 Las Flores Point, El Salvador.

Not sure why, but I really love this one. Morgan, Thomas, and Jay(in background) checking out the salt flat behind Goat Island, SC.

I remember Jimmy was saying something like"put down that camera and come make yourself useful". He reminded me of my Dad that day, haha! We spent a couple of weeks in Houston, TX fixing up my house there.

I have taken around 4000 pictures, this is my favorite. Loryn Hurston was very camera shy for our whole trip. Here she didn't notice.
Playa Grande, Costa Rica.

This is a close second to my favorite; Jimmy, Josh, Justin, Matt, and Thomas headed towards Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

    Matt and Justin find a toy, Edisto, SC.

Craig, Steven, Andrew, and Em(in background). Wave hunting in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.

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  1. Okay, the one of my Matt sharing a bicycle ride for two with Justin might be my most favorite picture EVER!!!! He won't ride a single with me!

    I might have to "steal" this picture from your page if you don't mind!