Monday, January 11, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates! My hotel in Rincon had technical difficulties with their internet router(and water!) for most of my stay. I got a lot of video but the quality mostly sucks and I'm not to excited about it. I will be putting another vid together so keep checking back. I did get some cool underwater shots I'm looking forward to showing...

I'm in San Juan now for the night and I fly back tomorrow afternoon. I'm not staying put buddy Jay cancelled a duck hunting trip to the Chesapeake Bay planned for later this week due to the fact the the Bay is largely a huge chuck of ice right now, so already having time off he decided to head down to Mosquito Lagoon in Florida and do some fishin'. He called me today and asked when I'd be back and if I'd like to go so I said, "well why not!"

We'll certainly be filming the fishing action so as soon as I stay put long enough to edit and post some video I'll do it!

Tonight I think I'm going to go try my luck at the poker table here in San Juan at the Intercontinental Casino!

Oh yeah...despite the previous mentioned problems with my hotel they did have a seriously stocked ipod at the restaurant/bar with lots of good tunes. I've added three songs I stole from their playlist and added em' to the SATWimix. They are:
"Crazy" by The Afghan Whigs
"Me Gustan las Navidades" by Gilberto Santa Rosa
"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha


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