Thursday, January 28, 2010

It's "Magic"!

Seriously, this might be turning into "the music I'm listening to right now blog" but music IS my inspiration  more often than not, so...check out "Magic" by THE CARS in all of it's 80's glory! Three chord progression, "def lep" style echo chorus, and spaced out synthesizers...seriously good! One of these days I'm going to get some good footage and make a fo-real surf video with all these jams...but until then...

California sunsets are "magic"!

Even though this isn't a legit surf maneuver it really captures a moment in time. If you've ever been in this position you know what I mean. It's a cross between relief and elation, knowing you're safe when you were a milli-second from getting hammered and, realizing the rush of pure, natural speed.

This really sums up Southern California beach culture. Someone went to the trouble of getting a bon fire set up but realized it was someone else who was meant to enjoy it...Just waitin' on the spark...


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