Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Adios San Diego!

Headed down the rocky cliffs to the break at Sunset Cliffs.
Sunset Cliffs.
View north from Sunset Cliffs.
Longboarder rippin' it up at Sunset Cliffs. After walking down the trail it's about 150yds out.
Beach at Sunset Cliffs.
Longboarders out at dawn as seen from Sunset Cliffs on Ocean Beach.
View from Imperial Beach, south towards Tiajuana.
Downtown view from my hotel room.
Split peak at Ocean Beach pier.
San Diego sunset.

Time to head out! San Diego has been awesome and I have to say thanks to my buddy Jay Lewis who proudly showed me around and showed me some really cool sights and good surf! We tried to surf today but wasn't much out there unless you had a longboard. We took a cool hike down to the beach at Sunset Cliffs. Jay really showed me some cool spots like the one's in the pics above. In Cali to get away from the crowds takes some long hikes, but it's always interesting things to see along the way.
Well now I'm off, headed north. Probably to Carlsbad or Cardiff. Update coming later!

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