Thursday, July 30, 2009

San Clemente.

Yo! I'm in San Clemente now after leaving Oceanside. Surfed this afternoon at Lowers which is at Trestles. It's called Trestles because on the footpath to the beach(which seems like 10 miles!) there is a train trestle you walk under right before the beach. Waves were fun but small. Waist to chest but breaking quite nicely at Lowers. The crowd was not too bad but there is really only one peak, so there is a lot of jockey-ing going on when a set rolls thru. I shot video before and after surfing till the battery died and I'll edit it down to a 10-15 minutes mini video with some music and a bit more production than my normal clips when I get the chance. I didn't recognize anyone at Trestles but there were surely some serious rippers in the water! You'll see from the video!
As an aside, somehow, I ended up driving into Camp Pendleton which is a big Marine base between Oceanside and San Clemente today by accident. I'm glad I ended up finding my way out before someone noticed me and arrested me for spying or something! I thought I was getting onto I-5 and came up on a Guard Station. The guy didn't give me good directions to get back to the interstate and I took self-guided tour of the base.

Song of the Day! "One Month Off"- Bloc Party More like six weeks, but close enough!


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