Sunday, July 19, 2009

Day One.

So, I guess I'll lay out the basic plan for this and give a little insight into why I've decided to do this. I'm planning a solo surf trip to Indonesia, hopefully leaving around August 1st and lasting the better part of the month. I thought it might be cool to document the research and planning leading up to the trip, and fully document the journey along the way. This is my first experience with blogging so any feedback or recommendations are welcome! Later!

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  1. Hey Seth-
    What fun! I have a blog, though I'm not as active as used to be, with my busy summer season, wedding planning, etc. But it's great fun, and such a neat way to connect with the world. I'm just landing here and watching your first videos, but I love the idea so far!
    Keep it up, and have a fabulous time on your trip. Good for your for doing it!