Saturday, July 25, 2009

Day Five AM.

Bout to hit the road from Elk City, OK. I'm pretty close to the Texas border and will cross thru TX at the top where it is quite narrow, then on in to New Mexico. I'm super excited about the Southwest! This will be my first visit. San Diego is about 1200 miles from here, so I think I'll be getting there Sunday evening. Not sure where I'll stop tonight, maybe near Flagstaff, AZ.

For those of you who remember Mark Sutton from high school (before he became a country music star !), he said to tell everyone hello! He saw on facebook that I was near Nashville and called me yesterday. We weren't able to meet up, but it was good to talk to him, it's been like 10 years. Check out his band Brother Trouble on myspace

More later from the road!


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