Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Three! a day late...

Hey guys! Sorry no post yesterday. I drove all day(14 hours !) after surfing in the AM and when I got to my hotel in Lebanon, TN that claimed to have wifi, it was nowhere to be found. Guess you get what you pay for(my room was $34.99). I can't update from my iphone either.
My plan today is to keep driving west on I-40, not sure where I'll try and stop, prop just go till I'm tired(maybe Oklahoma?). Here is the video from me surfing at Ocracoke on Wednesday.

As you can probably tell, I did all my airs, layback snaps, and other cool tricks RIGHT AFTER I went out of frame! haha!
The next video is from Thursday AM, before and after surfing. I'm pretty sure I left Hatteras early and it's pumping by now and clean(it was nasty when I left), but plenty of waves await on the Cali coast and beyond!

The drive yesterday was pretty easy considering the distance(765 mi) and time it took(14 hours). The longest part was getting out of eastern NC and to the interstate. It rained a lot of the way which was a blessing because it kept it cool. Between Asheville, NC and Knoxville, TN is absolutely beautiful and a fun drive. I-40 twists and turns like the Blue Ridge parkway but at 60-70mph, lots of fun and really nice scenery!

I'm keeping to my healthy eating plan so far. Bought a cooler and stocked it with lots of fruit and veggies and drinking nothing but water and hot tea. Had my first fresh apricot yesterday! Until now only had them dried. Got another for breakfast this AM! I am missing my coffee for sure, but getting use to not having the caffeine.

Song of the Day!(for yersterday) "California on My Mind"-Wild Light from the Adult Nights album. The title definitely is how I'm feeling! Great song even though the title betrays the gist of the song. WARNING it has some harsh language for those with sensitive ears.

I'll try to post an update tonight whenever I get off the road!

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  1. only wussies stay in hotel rooms, where is your tent, Dev and Sarah are out there and are having a tough time with the wind and rain so you probably made a good decision, albeit a wussie one