Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AM Update.

Something happened trying to upload my video from this morning so I'll try again later this afternoon.
I'm headed up to Hatteras Island now, hopefully surf will be good up there this afternoon. This AM the surf was waist to chest breaking way outside which made it pretty mushy, hard to make it all the way to the inside. Wind is onshore so it tended to be pretty sectiony. Had a good time though!

Looking like WavePark( will be my destination in Indo, got a spot reserved for AUG 8-18(yup 10 days baby!), just got to check on flights now!

Lastly, looked at possible routes across the US today and it looks like I-8 would be cool, most of it I have not seen before so it kinda looks like this: Asheville, Memphis, Little Rock, OK, Amarillo, Albuquerque, Phoenix, then San Diego and up the coast to LA!


  1. I did a post about your blog to help get more people to read it!

    Have fun!