Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Howard's is still the jam!

If anyone was wondering, Howard's Pub(www.howardspub.com) is still awesome! Had an awesome grilled teriyaki tuna salad! I've resolved to try and eat really healthy this trip. Nothing but fruits, veggies, and fish. I think this can be a good opportunity to break bad eating habits so thats what I'm going to try and do. No processed food, nothing fried, no coffee(gonna be tough!), and no booze! I was going to try and not eat meat but I figured a piece of grilled fish would be healthier to eat than pass up. So we'll see how it goes.

Also, just a thought.... there are a TON of people here! You sure wouldn't guess there is a recession going on from looking around here. Maybe peeps who usually go out of country to vacay are staying in the US and coming to places like this... If so, that can't be bad. US dollars staying in our borders rather than going overseas!

Lastly, I going to post a song of the day that I listened to and stuck out in my mind. Gonna try and do this everyday, so today's was: "Surprise Valley"-Widespread Panic
WSP is great car music and I usually start any car trip with the Till the Medicine Takes album.
Until manana!

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