Friday, July 24, 2009

Day Four!

Hi all, I am currently in Oklahoma City getting a bite to eat and taking a break from the road. Here is a video I made earlier today.

Arkansas didn't stay flat for too long once I got closer to the Ozarks. In Little Rock I missed an exit and had to take an exit of the interstate on to a surface street. While I was there I figured a bathroom break was due, so I pulled into a parking lot of an empty building and ran around back. In the back I saw a huge black widow spider, in a web on the building. I ran to the car to get my camera but the spider was gone when I got back. It was probably the size of a silver dollar. I've never seen one that big and wish I could have gotten a pic.

Here in OK it is hot! 97 degrees at 5:30! Nothing much to see but Indian Reservation casino signs and cows with the occasional oil well-head pump. Don't think I'll make it to Amarillo like I was hoping, it is another 275 miles, so I'll probably drive till dark and call it quits for the night.

Song of the Day! "One Big Holiday"-My Morning Jacket from the Okonokos live album. This one fits in title to my current situation and happens to be my favorite song as well. It is an all -out rock and roll, guitar riff heavy, jam. I would put it in the same class with Eric Clapton's "Layla". Just like the latter, the former gives me chills just about every time I hear the first riff. It absolutely is pure musical energy and once it starts it doesn't let up till the end. The entire Okonokos albums which is a two disc live recording, plays like a classical concert. If you are a fan of music I can't see you not enjoying Okonokos or at least appreciating the band's incredible musical writing and talent, so check it out! Just like WSP's Till the Medicine Takes, this one always gets a play while I'm on the road!

Thanks for reading and don't forget to leave me some comments! I need to know y'all are reading or I'll quit going to all this trouble! :)



  1. dude, good thing you didn't get gatted in little rock, there are some hard core thugs up in there, you aren't missing much, but some good waves here, hitting it in the am finally, I've been missing them too, sucks but tomorrow is a new day. Hollah

  2. Word! I saw some hommies but show'd em' my colors and they backed off!