Monday, July 27, 2009

Day Six PM.

Finally made it! Got to San Diego about 1:00 today and met Jay Lewis at his house in Ocean Beach. We decided to head to Blacks Beach which is at the bottom of a big cliff, north of the city. Surfing here is no small venture. We had to park in a neighborhood at the top of the hill and walk down a trail for about 1/4 mile to the beach. The walk back up is even tougher because of the steep incline. The waves were 5-7 ft with pretty good lines and just a touch of onshore wind breaking probably 100 yards out. The sets broke out farther and were pretty easy drops and if you got to the inside a little barrel section would sometimes pop up. Water was around 72 and people were wearing anything from full suits to baggies. It was fairly crowed by my standards but Jay said it wasn't bad so I can't imagine what "crowded" look like here. I rode my new board(the WRV) and it rocks! After surfing I got a guided tour of Ocean Beach from Jay and then we ate at some mexican place in Ocean Beach which was quite tasty!

I'm now downtown in San Diego, staying at the W ( My room is sick! Had to step it up from the 29.99 fleabaggers from the last few nights on the road! Planing on getting a good nights rest and getting my flights lined up to indo tomorrow, then see what the surf is doing and maybe check out the city a bit.

Here is so video from early this AM in the Mojave. I'll hopefully have some more surfing footage sometime soon. I uploaded this video in a larger format. Tell me if it's better or not.

Song of the Day!-"I Got Mine"-The Black Keys from Attack and Release. Two guys, one guitar, one set of drums. What else do ya need?



  1. bro. all I can say is that I wish I were with you, Megan and I hope to make that journey soon, I can't wait to see if you got any footage from blacks. You are living our dream brother!!

  2. Seth- check out the latest video from Wavepark...