Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back the US!

Hi all, I made it back safely to LA late last night after a marathon series of flights from Padang, Indonesia. From my arrival at the airport in Padang to clearing customs at LAX I think it was around 32 hours of travel time! I got some sleep on the last flight from Hong Kong to LA so if really wasn't too bad all things considered...Though I'm happy to be back in the US I already miss the excitement of being in a foreign place. I'm currently in Huntington Beach,CA.
I was planning on spending the rest of the month driving back and seeing some more of the country along the way but I'm now considering another 10 day visit to somewhere new for some more surf. Indo in no way satisfied the "surf bug" for me but just made it worse, in a good way! I've been checking out the longer tern swell forecasts and I'm thinking about maybe Central America somewhere....I'm going to go have a surf here in Huntington and think it over. Waves here are about stomach high and glassy now. Putting on a wetsuit sure is going to feel funny after 85 degree water in the Mentawais!!!
Looks like Bill is going to bring some surf to the East Coast! Wish I was there for the first storm swell of the season!
I'll leave you guys with my favorite picture I took from Indo, this is Jared the surf guide from Wavepark on a screamer at Hideaways. This was the day I decided not to surf, Hideaways looked like Pipeline for real!! I took the pic from the observation tower on the island. Jared called this 4-5 foot surf!!!!

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