Thursday, August 13, 2009

Day 5 Wavepark.

Hi all, we took the morning off today and rested up for the coming swell. After lunch Craig, Andrew, and I paddled out to Hideaways but there wasn't too much going on; the occasional chest high set but it was very shallow and couldn't be ridden inside very far.
The boat picked us up, and we headed to check Tikis and Bank Vaults. There wasn't enough swell to make BVs happen so we surfed at Tikis for an hour or so till the wind switched a bit. It was fun but not as big as the last few times we've been there.
Brandon though it would be a good idea to check Rifles which is a loooong right hander that will show an early south swell. We got there and it didn't look to hot but we decided to try it anyway. The offshore wind really started kicking and it cleaned up nicely and we all enjoyed chest to head screamers all the way down the shallow reef. If Kandui is the fastest wave I've surfed, Rifles to a close second, so the name"Rifles" fits well! It was so shallow because of low tide, if you managed to stay on to the inside section, you could see the water sucking thru the passes in the reef in front of you! Absolutely crazy! We all managed to come away with no scrapes or scratches, including Steven my roomie who had to cut his trip to Wavepark short last time after his head met the reef at Rifles, resulting in a quick evacuation to Singapore after the surf guide hand sticthed his melon back together, so needless to say, he slay a big dragon this afternooon, catching a super long barrel and making it clean!
Tomorrow the new swell is supposed to come on strong so it's looking like double overhead-plus at well exposed spots!!!!Yikes! Might be giving my 6'3'' some attention the next few day! It's funny now because everyone jokes about how small my boards are! Jared the guide has been referring to my 6'1'' as my "semi-gun" jokingly, so I guess if I ride the 6'3'' I'll be on my Rhino chaser!
You'll all be glad to know my last name has not gone un-noticed here and I'm currently called Dingle, Dingler, Dingleberry, Dingo, and many other variations! Apparently Aussies, Kiwis, and South Africans aren't to familiar with my name but are having great fun with it!

P.S. I'm no longer able to send emails for some if I don't respond sorry! Love you all!!!


  1. Seth- If it really starts thumping... be sure and check out Ebay.

    btw- how sick is that view from inside a rifles drainer?

    be sure and pull in the the boys back home!!!!

  2. yooooo!, Rifles? well hunting season is about to start, that's about all I've got. We have changed plans on the bach party, a house on Edisto, with a dock, cheap, and close. I told Morgan Precious is not invited, How much longer will you be in indo? be safe bro!

  3. Yeah I saw the emails about the party. I'll be leaving here Tuesday and Indo Wednesday AM. Should be back in LA wed. PM late.