Sunday, August 23, 2009

Next stop...El Salvador...I think!

I flew back for the Hurricane Bill swell that never really showed up around Pawleys. I probably should have tried going up North to NC or south to Fla somewhere but since my car is still in LA that wasn't really an option. I surfed Fri,Sat, and today and the waves left a lot to be desired, but it was great being home and surfing with friends! Since I left all my boards in LA in the car, I used Ike's 5'7'' Lost- Round Nosed Fish which I really liked! It now belongs to me, as I liked it so much, I convinced him to sell it to me!

So now it is looking like El Salvador will be my next destination, possibly as soon as Tuesday evening. I'm currently talking with the Las Flores Surf Club( about booking a room. The place looks great and they are currently offering a 30% discount to Surfline Premium members according to Surfline! They have 5 right hand point breaks within boat service of the hotel. The swell looks to be in the 4-8 foot range for the middle of the coming week so the surf should be good! If this one doesn't work out, I'm also considering Tamarindo, Costa Rica and booking a surf camp stay where they take you to a different break everyday. After my excellent Wavepark experience I truly appreciate being able to surf different breaks as the conditions allow and having a surf guide who knows where to go when!
I'll be back with more as I get all the details hammered out.

Song of the Day! Whose Authority-Nada Surf from the album Lucky.

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