Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Day 15.

Upload problems only took 6 hours to get this video to load!

After sleeping on it I feel like I didn't give this city a fair shake...on the positive side, there are planty of things about Singapore to be mentioned. Pretty much everyone speaks English, though they have their own slangy version of it that's quite funny. Almost every sentence or phrase ends with "la". Not sure why but it's how they do la! Also, the city is impeccably clean, quite, and seemingly safe and there really aren't many cops around. The people just seem to be respectful of each other because it's the right thing to do; imagine that! The vast amount of people of different racial, regional, and cultural backgrounds is really a sight to behold as well! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Philippine, Indonesian, Indian, Australian, European, Canadian, and Americans are everywhere. I think this is probably more of a melting pot than the US! It seems also to be a very social culture where everyone interacts with people from different cultures which is nice to see!

Anyway, I would probably have enjoyed my visit more if I had been traveling with others. So much here seems to be focused around social gatherings and things to do with friends. So next time I won't come alone. I think my jet-lag and surf withdrawal have effected my mood some as well! But, on to Indo today with new sights, sounds, peeps, and SURF!!!!

Song of the Day! "For Reasons Unknown"-The Killers from Sam's Town.


P.S. I'll be in Indo-frickin'-nesia later today!!!!!!!!! Super pumped!!!!!!!!!!

Hey Jay, you remember doing our geography project on Indo for Mrs. Humowitz class?! We basically cut out a bunch of surf pics and pasted them to a posterboard and called it a day!


  1. OMG!! who did your hair!!!, sounds like singapore was a bust, I just watched bizarre foods in singapore last night and there was some pretty freaky stuff. Looks like you got some good food though. Well have a blast in Indo, we'll see you when you get there, Oh yeah, I think Paul is flying himself there tomorrow to meet you so don't be suprised if you run into a fimiliar Italian!!

  2. Oh yeah, funny story! In all the malls here there are like 50 salons staffed with gay dudes with the craziest hair cuts you've ever seen. It's like EMO meets Pokemon! I picked one called Janes's Coiffure or something like that. Cost me twenty singapore dollars which is 12 0r 13 US and it turned out pretty well. He was no JP or Ben Fetter though!