Saturday, August 15, 2009

Day 7 at the park.

Yesterday morning brought the new swell full on. Hideaways was pumping! Solid double overhead looking a lot like Pipeline, no joke! I decided against paddling out for the morning session and took pics and video instead. Between Craig and I we took over 1000 pics of Hideaways! This should give you an idea of what it looked like, this is Jared the surf guide for Wavepark...

The big surf led to several mishaps; cuts, scrapes, broken boards, and lots of hoots and howls as a few managed clean long barrel rides like the one above. Shane the chef, shown is the first below, wasn't so lucky and had to be stitched up in camp by "Dr." Craig! Craig is a scaffolding man on oil rigs but Shane insisted on someone stitching up his chin rather than taking a trip to the clinic in Siberut so Craig manned-up and operated!

Steven shown below, broke his best board on his first wave of the AM. Luckily he is a shaper and can crank out another when he gets home.
For the afternoon, we took off to Kerinchi and surfed an absolute perfect wave all by ourselves for about an hour and a half till some other boats found us. With all the attention given to the big barrel spots like No Kandui and Rifles, for me personally this below is why I came to Indo! This wave is a nice A-frame peak that peels flawlessly! It does end on dry reef shelf though, so you have to get out in time. I spent most of the day on the right but as you can see it's not the best angle from the boat for photos so here is one of the lefts I got.
It's now Sunday Am here and the swell has calmed down some which is fine with me. We are headed to the "Playgrounds" today which is where PLaygrounds Left, John Candies, Four Bobs, and a few other breaks are. Still hoping to surf Ebay and Pit-Stops but so far the swell/wind hasn't been right. Hope you're all doing well!!!

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  1. Hell Yeah! This should be a show on tv. Totally diggin what you're doing. Be safe out there bro.