Sunday, August 2, 2009


More to come later today after I tour the city!

As I'm waiting for the video to upload I'm just enjoying this incredible view! I could just sit here and watch the ships all day!

Song of the Day! "King of the Rodeo"-Kings of Leon from the Only By the Night, Live Bonus Disc. I listen to this album every time right before takeoff in an airplane. I like flying and this little live set from the Kings always gets me amped!



  1. I think I saw Jerry on that tug, I didnt realize he takes his show on the road. Trips looking fun, keep the videos coming. Stay safe Bro!

  2. This is Matt by the way I dont know why my posts show up as lowcountrylife, it was a blog I was going to do a few years back, who knows, later!

  3. You say pretty cool and "um...I Don't know" alot, but its all good...I've always wanted to go to Hong Kong, looks pretty bad ass.