Monday, August 3, 2009

Hong Kong.

I took my still camera with me walking today instead of the video camera. I walked around Kawloon on Nathan Street, the Temple Night Market, and the waterfront park. All the far off city shots are of Hong Kong Island as seen from Kawloon. Hong Kong really is the Manhattan of the East, the similarities are quite distinct. It really is a large melting pot where many differing nationalities, cultures, and economies come together. People are quite worked up about swine flu here. Many people wear face masks and there are signs and literature everywhere about it. I had to fill out a health screening form at the airport and at my hotel when checking in. All in all it is a clean, friendly, and interesting place to visit. I don't think my short time here is nearly enough to scratch the surface of all the experiences that could be had on a proper visit here. The influence from British Colonial rule is still quite prevalent here. Almost all the street are English named, and most everyone speaks English. I got the most bizarre looks from people carrying my board bag, I guess surfers and surfboards are not a real common sight here! The taxis here are small and it was quite an interesting adventure getting my board bag into the taxi. The driver was not very excited and kept saying "this not safe, this not safe!" Haha! We made it to the hotel just fine though.

Well my pictures do not want to upload for some reason...I'll try again tomorrow. Flying out to Singapore around lunchtime in the AM!


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