Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 12.

Since my flight is not till later(11:50pm) I'm going to head to the Home Depot Center in Carson and watch some of the X-Games events! A few of the moto-x and supercross competitors from Team Troy Lee are staying in my hotel! Talked to them this AM on their way out. They were super nice peeps so cheer for them if you watch!

Also, got my hotel booked in Hong Kong. Staying at the Hotel Panorama in Kowloon. I'm nervous about going to Hong Kong for some reason...maybe it's the size of the city that gives me pause. It's supposed to be like the NYC of the far east. I like NYC a lot but everyone speaks English there! Really not looking foward to lugging my surfboards around in Hong Kong and Singapore...It will certainly be an adventure!


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