Friday, August 28, 2009

Hola from Las Flores Surf Club!

Sorry I've been so slack on the updates since getting here three days ago but it was nice to have a little break from reporting! The travel here from Pawleys was super long! I had to fly to LA first and retrieve my boards from my car at LAX. I had about an 8 hour layover in LA, just long enough to be a pain in the butt, but not long enough to get a hotel room and get some sleep. My flight to San Salvador left at 1:40AM and I arrived in ElSalvador about 7Am local time. Once again, not much sleep on the plane so I was pretty worn out after getting here to Las Flores around 10am. The waves were going off so I got straight in the water and not long after had a 250yard ride from the tip of the north point all the way to the beach at the south point! The waves have been consistently good since I got here even though the swell is fading. Today has been the smallest day, but sets are still overhead. I surfed this AM at Punta Mango which is a 15 minute boat ride north and got some really fun surf including a few nice barrels, one made cleanly!
The resort is quite nice and the food is good as well. I think anyone would like it here, even if you don't surf. The staff is super nice, the rooms are nice, there are two pools and a jacuzi(pronouced with a soft "j" en espanol), a beautiful black sand beach, and the resort is next to a local fishing camp. If you do surf, the waves here have size and power, but they are easy to surf and not at all critical. There are people here on longboards and funboards as well as shortboarders. The paddle out to the point is a long one though!
Until today I was sharing a two bedroom suite with to other guys but they left today so I'm livin' large now! Most of the other guests are leaving tomorrow as well so I should have plenty of uncrowded surf for the rest of my stay. I'll try to get a good video together of the place tomorrow and put it up! Hope you're all well and please leave me a comment, email, or FB me if you read this. Didn't get any comments from the last few posts so if no one is reading I won't keep it up! So holler!



  1. I'm still following you! Thought your computer must have broken. Keep writing. See you in a week. And yes I want the cups prior to Sat if you don't mind. Be safe!!!

  2. Keep it up, bro! Love the updates! Robin

  3. Those look like my kinda waves!

  4. Blog on Seth! Glad you're having yet another great time and have discovered another super place. Take care and remember we love you everyday, Mom

  5. I check your blog every morning at work. Nice work!

  6. I always be looking at your bspot, but I don't have internet at mi nuevo casa. I agree with Ike those look like the waves I would love to surf. We should definately try to put together a group trip there sometime next year. We borrowed your washer and dryer yesterday but decided it was too small and have gone to moms to finish. Anyway, we'll see you in a week. Stay classy san salvador!!