Sunday, August 16, 2009


Just experienced my first earthquake and from looking at the US Geological Survey site it was quite close and fairly strong, a 7.0 you can check the site here. It was only 32 miles away. I tried to post a link to a map but it didn't work...there is a map on the site linked up above. We are on one of those three small islands right below Siberut off the coast of Sumatra. The center of the quake was between Sumatra and Siberut.

I was taking a little snooze after lunch and was startled awake from the bungalow shaking. It lasted about 15 or twenty seconds. It wasn't especially violent or crazy but was definitely cool to experience firsthand. The dogs around camp were going crazy, barking and running in circles(so were a couple of the guests, haha!)

Earthquakes and tsunami threats are taken very seriously here in the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami that struck parts of Southeast Asia in 2004. I didn't mention this yet but on our arrival here we were briefed thoroughly on earthquake and tsunami emergency procedures by the staff. If a serious earthquake strikes the region and a tsunami threat is perceived, we are to grab our emergency bag we were all told to pack( containing passports, money, first aid kit, and a change of clothes) and immediately get to the boats to make our way to deep water until the threat has passed. If a boat cannot be reached in time we are to climb one of the prepared palm trees around the camp and wait out the threat. The prepared trees have been cleared of all their coconuts(potential falling debris) and makeshift ladders created by nailed 1x2's twenty feet or so up the trunks.

All seems to be fine now, we have had a couple of small tremors since! The excitement never ends here in Indo!!


  1. still getting aftershocks all the time...just had a very strong but short one. this one was stronger than the quake itself but only five seconds or so! Exciting!!!

  2. Crazy! Glad you're having a load of excitement and sweet waves! I finally got my g-deck!

  3. wtf, that sounds like something I would like to experience, but so has the whole trip. I don't know if you are able to check your email but we are going to edisto for my bach. on sept. 10, anyway, everything sounds friggin awesome!