Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi from Padang!

Yo! Made it safely to Padang yesterday afternoon and was met at the airport by some peeps from the Wavepark who took me to the place I'm staying. It is called Spice Homestay and it is basically a hostel with a bunch of European and Australian backpackers and surfers, very cool! Nice people! Most lay around all day and sleep from late night partying!
I surfed this morning at a beach east of Padang that was about a 30 minute drive on CRAZY roads. There are no signs, lights, or lanes! It is a complete free for all, mopeds everywhere! Glad I have Martin to drive me around, he is a local from Padang who helps host Wavepark guests in Padang before they fly over to the islamd. The surf was small but fun. A perfect longboard wave about waist high, peeling for forever. A lot like Malibu, but breaking both ways!
Had a great dinner last night at at a local place where the menu had no English at all. They brought me into the kitchen and let me pick the fish that they grilled me to eat! It looked a lot like a red snapper and was coated with a spicy rug and grilled whole, it was great! Had rice and veggies to go with it.
Relaxing now, waiting to go eat with some other people who are arriving today to go to the wavepark tomorrow as well. Flying out in the AM! Using the hotels computer so no video or pics till I can use my own.


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  1. I hated to heat that Singapore was a bust but by the time you read this you will be loving where you are. Enjoying the post keep it up look foward to the next one and seeing you when you get back. Have fun and be careful.